Think Tank

The Home of Business Innovation

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The Home of Business Innovation

Lincoln’s Think Tank is an intelligent, modern office building like no other…

Designed to be forward-thinking, this managed office space offers so much more than a beautiful work environment.

Think Tank is hi-tech, energy efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly. It encourages creative thinking, as well as business growth. Part of the University of Lincoln, the building is conveniently located close to the city centre and offers private parking, flexible tenancies and its very own café.

Whether you’re a growing business looking for a workspace that offers more, or a business looking to collaborate with others, contact us here for more information.

Innovative Working Nurtured
Inside an Innovative Building

Our ethos is to offer businesses everything they need to accelerate growth and success. Whether that’s through giving business advice, support and mentoring, or finding partners and funding opportunities, Think Tank offers that assistance.

We want to put collaboration and creativity back into business, filling Lincoln’s Think Tank with companies who have the same desire to embrace innovation.

Your company is a big part of your future, we want to help get you there.

Unique, Exhilarating
Futuristic Business Workspace

The Think Tank is designed to impress everyone that moves in as a tenant, or visits as a customer or associate. It has been recognised that, “creating the right, lasting impression”, means ensuring that all the services, features and facilities within the building live up to the expectations of all parties.

The overall ambience of Think Tank makes it an inspirational place, where creativity, innovation and business development can thrive, where people will aspire to work and will gravitate towards.

Learn more about managed office space at Think Tank.

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What our tenants say

Always very polite

Sue and the team are brilliant!!!

Thanks so much for our time here, it has been a fantastic home for the last few years, really given us a place to expand our Lincoln team.

Never have a problem with parking and it’s great to have access to an onsite café

Very friendly helpful staff. They are excellent ambassadors for our business with our agency partners and clients.