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Lets Get Digital

25th May 2016

Every company wants to succeed in the digital economy- but being a truly digital-led business is about more than simply having technology in place.

Introduced by Mark Webb, Managing Director of e-factor Group Ltd & Chairman of the Development & Growth Board.

Richard Hill, SEO Traffic Lab: The Digital Sales Funnel: How to drive results and revenues from digital marketing

It’s not about whether you should be writing a blog or what social media channels you should be using. The question any MD or CEO should be focussed on is ‘Does my digital marketing drive results and revenue?’ Sadly in too many companies the lack of digital skills means that these questions cannot be answered. This workshop will highlight the stages of the digital sales funnel and what your company should be doing to drive results and revenues from your digital marketing. Attend this workshop so you can start to ask the right questions of your digital marketing and ensure that your company as a whole is ready to support your company’s growth targets.

Steven Fisher, Creative Technologist: The Mixing of Realities

Michael Poole:  Practical application of digital design tools and 3D printing

How the development of new digital design and development technologies can drive business growth and innovation in new products and services.

Steven Fisher, Creative Technologist: The Mixing of Realities 

This session takes on technology of the present, polar opposites AR and VR, introduces the notion of mixed reality and offers insight into the potential future of technological progression.

Key Note Speaker Nick Booth from Podnosh: Digital is not simply about product.

It’s about relationships too.  Nick Booth has more than a decade of experience of using digital tools to build relationships, which in turn have evolved in new products, new ways of working and new opportunities for his company: Podnosh.  He is a one-time BBC documentary maker turned small businessman who has, along the way picked up awards from the BBC, European Union, Oxford University, The British Prime Minister and a number of newspapers for what one described as “innovation in a networked world”.