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Managing your Online Reputation

Following her success at the Doing it Differently Innovation Conference Susan Hallam returns to Lincoln to deliver Managing your Online Reputation.

Your business reputation is one of your most valuable assets and there is plenty you can do to protect this online.

Join us for this highly practical workshop that will look at reputation management techniques that you can implement yourself.

You will learn how you can take advantage of a broad range of free and low cost techniques and discuss what reputation management means, good or bad, for your business.

 Topics covered in this course

  •          How to manage positive and negative customer reviews on sites like,     TrustPilot as well as other review sites

  •          Quick wins: how to influence your digital footprint on Google including Google My Business and Google Reviews, as well as your firm’s organic visibility

  •          Social media with a purpose: driving forward your firm’s social media reputation

  •          Top tips for managing and improving your own online reputation